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iStock_000010485443SmallOrganisations frequently find that they do not have sufficient resources or expertise to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their certified management system.  QCS International is able to fill this gap across all ISO Management standards with our 3 Step Plan.

1We initially work with you to identify what your precise needs are and then tailor our service to meet them, typically over a 12-month period.  This delivers a cost effect service to your organisation allowing your own internal resources to concentrate on their primary functions.


The bespoke service can choose from the following activities:

Maintenance of all system documentation, including updates, issue and approval
Support to managers on decisions related to the management system (which may include quality, environmental and/or health and safety elements)
Delivery of all your internal audits through the year (including delivery of necessary reports)
Compliance evaluation reviews to ensure you are meeting or regulatory obligations related to activities with the organisation
Preparation for and support after management review – including delivery of all necessary documented information
Management of corrective action programmes
Liaison with and hosting certification bodies

3Where assistance is required on specific projects, e.g. aligning your management system with other standards, updating the system from new ISO standard updates, or bringing it up to date in advance of a forthcoming certification body audit.

QCS can assist in all areas of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Medical Device management systems.

Without exception, QCS guarantees to make your certified management systems as relevant and effective as possible.

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